To prepare for the CSWA-Academic exam, students should first complete Suggested Outline: Beginner to Certification. This course covers everything in SOLIDWORKS for Beginners, SimulationXpress, and CSWA Prep Course, so you do NOT need to complete these courses. At the completion of this course, students are prepared to take the CSWA-Academic certification exam.


To prepare for the CSWA, team administrators, team members, and individuals should complete the following courses:


You must have already passed the CSWA exam to take the CSWP exam. After you have passed the CSWA exam, great SolidProfessor courses to complete to prepare for the CSWP are:

You can then prepare for the CSWP certification test using the CSWP/E Prep Course, followed by any of the Simulation courses.


Preparing for the CSWE is similar to preparing for the CSWP; you should complete the same Prep Course. The CSWE certification exam differs from the CSWP certification exam in that the parts and assemblies you must model are more difficult. Since the CSWE exam can test you on any area of the core of SOLIDWORKS software, you should spend time experimenting with tools and techniques you don't use as often.  SOLIDWORKS doesn't provide any sample tests for this exam and shares only a few details about the exam.

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